Thursday, May 29, 2008

Soldier Field 10

The nice man from the trucking company came and took the crate for TNNA. You would think that would mean that things are settling down. Not so. We are still feverishly working on many last minute projects that weren't finished in time to go in the crate. We will tote them to the show ourselves. This year it will require the services of a sherpa.

Because much of the knitting these days is colors, new patterns etc., I can't really show you any WIP's. I'll post it all after we return from Columbus.

One of the things I did over Memorial Day weekend was run in the Soldier Field 10. It's a 10 mile run that finishes at mid-field on Soldier Field. The reason I signed up for it was I thought it would be a thrill to be able to actually be out there on the turf. I wasn't disappointed.

Soldier Field was built in the 1920's as a memorial to soldiers that had lost their lives in wars. It's probably best known as the home of the Chicago Bears, but many other events are held there as well. Soccer games, concerts, rodeos, circuses, stock car races have all found their way to Soldier Field.

It was a beautiful day in Chicago and along with 6000 of my closest friends, I took off for a run along the lakefront.

Besides finishing on the field, they closed a couple of lanes of Lake Shore Drive and we ran the first five miles there. Then we turned back and run on the path. The view wasn't bad.

The finish didn't disappoint. We ran through one of the tunnels just like I imagine the players do and out onto the field. I saw myself on the Jumbo Tron and everything. It was fun!


Yarnsnob said...

Congrats! I wish I had the drive, discipline and commitment to that too.

monica said...

Congrats on the run. I wish i was fit enough to run a 5 mile run let alone a 10 mile.