Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tour of Chicago 2

We had a long discussion around here about whether it was The "El" or The "L". Most of us thought it should be "El" for "elevated" but we decided to let the CTA have the last word and they shot us down.

Amy Christoffers over at Savory Knitting made this for us. I'm a big fan of this type of design. Simple lines that let the yarn do the work.

It's knit in Solemate and the stripes are created by doubling the yarn. That Amy, she's clever.

Navy Pier is the next colorway of the day. A few years ago I was at the Ferris Wheel and they stopped it because they were shooting an episode of ER. I was THAT close to George Clooney. Seriously folks, THAT close.

These socks are a Lorena Haldeman design. She calls them Baba Yaga. That's the Slavic form of the Wicked Witch. The pattern naming game is sure creative isn't it?

There are four more landmarks on our little tour. We still have to go to Grant Park and check out The Bean. After that we can take a trip up the Outer Drive and maybe do some shopping on the Magnificent Mile.


Diane said...

If Chicago is like Philadelphia - it's the El (elevated) when it is running above ground (and over the streets) and the Subway when it goes underground (go figure). I LOVE the idea of doubling the yarn for stripes.

Jen said...

I love this idea! I went to Chicago 2 years ago (1 of only 4 american cities i've been to) and I loved it - these landmarks are so memorable! I haven't seen the skyway though i confess.