Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Out Like a Lion

It's twenty degrees today. I don't know why people are surprised. This is Chicago after all. We won't be out of the woods as far as winter goes for a few more weeks. I think we got spoiled because we didn't get much snow this year. Mother Nature faked us out. But honestly, we should know better. This isn't our first rodeo!

I'm actually hoping that it stays cold long enough for me to finish my Aftur and get at least one wearing before the weather changes. Especially since I'm knitting the yoke for the second time. I had it completely finished a couple of weeks ago but when I tried it on it had bracelet length sleeves 

I'm not a huge fan of bracelet length for myself. I'm six feet tall and I always feel like bracelet length just looks too short. It's as though I bought the jacket/blouse/whatever too small. I'm sure much of my psychosis comes from a youth of wearing high water jeans and all the ridicule that accompanied it. For years, I checked hem allowances on pants before I tried them on. There just wasn't any point otherwise. 

I know there are gazillions of people who have the opposite problem. They have to take everything up. But at least they have the option. You can't create length if the fabric isn't there. I realize there are some proportion issues but for the most part it's easier to make things shorter. 

I've finished the first of the three fair isle motifs on the yoke. There are two more to go and then the collar. Evenings aren't looking too busy this week, so I should be able to get through it pretty quickly. 

Please don't be mad at me when I tell you that I'm hoping that March goes out like a lion. Then I might even get a second wearing. 


LaurahalletitL said...

I absolutely agree with you on length! I hate sweaters that come just to the top of my pants for the same reason. One of the main reasons I took up knitting was to make sweaters with long enough sleeves to cover my wrists!

Dinah said...

I'm with you, too- I strongly dislike the current popular pants length of "ankle" pants - reminds me of the all too short ones that I wore growing up! Don't like "bracelet" length sweaters either, or waist length tops. Give me some length!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, that explains the wintery, snowy weather up here in Western Michigan! We are just a bit tired of it, so can you be sure you finish it quickly and wear it at least once??

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Bonnie said...

I don't blame you a bit! I had swatched for a sweater but lost my momentum when I realized Spring was coming. I hope you're able to get yours finished and worn a couple times before Spring really arrives!

Gloria Patterson said...

Love that pattern! You'll have to post a picture of it when you are done. I just love my book The Best Of Lopi! It's 46 degrees and raining here in Boise, so maybe I'll have time to work on my Lopi sweater, too!