Friday, February 15, 2008

Library Visit

I stopped by the neighborhood branch of our local public library today and look what I found!
Perhaps I wouldn't have been quite as surprised to see such a big section of knitting books on display a couple of years ago, but I was delighted to see them still getting this kind of attention. It was a pretty nice selection too. Maybe not the hottest things off the presses, but a good solid display.

Before I took the pictures, I decided to ask the librarian if it was OK. It would have been easy to get a couple of "stealth shots", but I figured they wouldn't mind and then I could pat myself on the back for doing the right thing.

Well, you would have thought I'd asked them if I could burn the books rather than take a picture! I had to find the branch manager, explain exactly what I was using them for, get her approval of the pictures once they were taken and promise not to use the name of our fair city in the description. Crazy.


Anonymous said...

Would that happen to be located on an avenue named for President Lincoln? (and a branch that sounds like a glass of fizzy mineral water?)

Soxophone Player said...

Could it be libraries have regulations that prohibit promoting one book/author over another?

Anonymous said...

I'm a librarian and I suspect (though I don't know for sure) that the library was more concerned about copyright - the book covers are copyrighted material which means that technically, you can't just post a scanned cover of a book jacket on a web site somewhere. So, even though this was an obvious picture-of-a-book-display, perhaps that's what they were concerned about. Unfortunately these days libraries are kind of "under siege" (funding being cut, etc.) and tend to be extra careful about things they wouldn't normally have any problem with.

Anonymous said...

Fizzy mineral water! Hahahaha. Yeah, I'm guessing that's where it is. Haven't been there in ages. I'm wondering how the rest of the crafting section is. My wish list is so big, I'm starting to feel the need to borrow first before I buy.

And librarians tend to be a little jumpy these days. They're kind of on the front line against censorship and government snooping, so anything unusual may raise red flags. They're pretty cool people, though, if you're not upsetting them. *g*