Friday, August 17, 2012

Cookie's Shapes+Forms

Wow, have you seen the new collection from Cookie A? It's called Cookie A Knitwear Volume 1: Shapes and Form It's her first foray into garments rather than the socks she's so well known for. They have names like Conic, Obtuse, Slant. So very clever. The collection has 13 patterns. Eight are garments and five accessories.

Shepherd Worsted is featured in two projects. The first is called Rectangle. It's shown here in Cookie's eponymous colorway, Cookie's Deep Dark Secret. This design is a big rectangle with two holes for the arms. The braided cables and garter stitch make is cushy and cozy. It looks like a perfect topper for so many outfits.

The second piece, Cylinder, falls into the accessory category. This cowl uses the same texture and basic shape as Rectangle on a much smaller scale and adds a button band. It's also a one skein project! Or make them both for a beautiful set. I'm not sure whether I'd do the same color or two different colors. Maybe two similar colors, like two shades of blue...

I'd love to spend a day inside Cookie's head to figure out how things work in there. She manipulates shapes differently than anyone else I've ever met.This collection really shows that off. The title indicates that this is the first in a series. I'm intrigued to find out what she has planned for the encore.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet Laura

This is Laura standing in front of a big batch of Ascot. She's kinda new around here and I thought you'd like to meet her. 

When she's not making pretty string, Laura is an actress. She's been doing lots of local theatre and several regional commercials too. We hope she gets famous. Even though that would mean we wouldn't get to see her here every day.

Friday, August 10, 2012


The new issue of Twist Collective hit the airwaves today. I'm more than a little tickled to see Praline from  Gudrun Johnston of Shetland Trader fame. We've never worked with Gudrun before and it's high time.

Praline uses the Simultaneous Set-In-Sleeve method to work the sleeves and body in one piece. So, almost no sewing. There are even cute little pockets. 

I have to admit that I usually skip the pockets when I'm knitting a sweater. I know I'm never going to use them and I always worry that they'll end up gaping. I think I learned that as a kid...don't open up pockets or it will ruin the line of your jacket/slacks/whatever. It sounds like something my mom would have told me. The thing is, I like the design element they add. I suppose I should just go ahead and put them in and leave them closed. 

 The Little Bird stitch pattern is really up my alley too. I like the sort of cable-sort of float stitch look. I've always liked working a great texture stitch.

This sweater is knit with our newest yarn, Sportmate, in 8ns Harvest. It's a totally warm, autumnal color.

Here's the gratuitous kitty shot. He's even color coordinate. What's not to like?