Friday, August 15, 2008

Mystery Stole 4

Melanie over at Pink Lemon Twist has opened the sign-up for this year's Mystery Stole.

I am not a very accomplished lace knitter. (That's the nice way of saying I stink at it.) Every year when Mystery Stole comes along, I promise myself that I'll work on my lace knitting so I can sign up for it next year. Invariably something else distracts me and I find myself repeating the cycle.

But I'm delighted to announce that our very own Emily will be representing Lorna's Laces in this year's KAL. I'm so happy to have someone close to home that I can knit vicariously through!

Here's her swatch. She's using our Helen' Lace for the project. It's pretty, don't you think?

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