Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lights, Camera Action

Not too long ago, we got a note from Jenn Jarvis asking us for a skein of Shepherd Worsted in 41ns China Blue. She was a little sketchy about what she wanted it for. She said something about a movie but that was about it. It was very cloak and dagger-y. We were suitably impressed by the idea of our yarn being mentioned in the same sentence as a the word "movie" and sent it right away.

Imagine our delight when we finally got the details! Jenn designed a human-sized sweater based on one worn by Coraline, the little girl in the movie Coraline, based on the book by Neil Gaiman that's coming out in February.

You can go to the website and maneuver around to find the pattern, or cheat and go here. Or follow it here on Ravelry.

There's been quite the buzz about this movie lately. Amy Singer over at Knitty.com wrote about a box she recieved about two weeks ago. Wendy got one too. Me jealous? Ummm. well maybe the tiniest bit.

This is part of a viral marketing campaign for the film. I am intrigued with the viral marketing thing. I just heard they are doing something with alphabet cards. Not sure what that is yet.

We are living in interesting times.


Roadchick said...

You can see an example of the alphabet cards at Neil Gaiman's blog:


They are very cool.

As is the sweater!

Sel and Poivre said...

Thanks for the clarification on what the box thing was all about on Amy's blog - that's the thing about viral marketing - unless you already "get it" at least a bit there's a good chance you won't "get it" at all!

Unknown said...

Knitters for Neil group on Ravelry got a Coraline mystery box as well.