Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was going through my bag today and found a list I scribbled on a notepad from the Hyatt in Columbus. It reads:

Yarn Haven, Knoxville?

Creative Knitworks, Hillsdale NJ

Playing with Yarn, Knife River MN

Gazebo Plus, New Hope PA

Twisted Skeins, Clarksville GA

Wolf Creek Yarns, Grove City PA

Whirled Fibers, Cedar Hill, TX

Ewe Count, Cheyenne WY

Delightful Ewe, Duncansville PA

I can't for the life of me remember why I made the list. I don't know what the shops have in common that would make me write them all down.

It's in my handwriting, so I know that someone else didn't stick it in my bag just to drive me crazy. I'm making my own self crazy without any help at all. I can't tell you how much I hate it when I do stuff like this.

The first person who can jog my memory so I know what I am supposed to do wins enough yarn to make a pair of socks in the new color of their choice. (Or another comparable prize if you don't do socks.)


yarnaholic said...

Do these shops carry your yarn??

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that they are shos that want to open a new account? or that want to order the color commentary series?

Unknown said...
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Tina said...

New shop-specific colorways, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

New account that interested in your yarn or certain colorway series? Or the ones you want to visit????

Teresa said...

drat....they all already used my answers. perhaps shops that want you to visit?

Jen said...

Hmm, they are all shops you are already doing business with, but they all wanted the same color commentary colorway sent to them?

I hate when this kind of thing happens to me too!

Unknown said...

Brand new shops that would love to carry your lovely yarns!

Meg said...

yarn shops that want to carry your yarn or set up a custom colorway?

Marnie said...

I'm guessing they were all at a particular event and you wanted to have their names for future reference for mailing lists. TNNA? Stitches? Some other trade event.

Roopali said...

Shops that want to expand their existing LL lines to include newer yarns.

Anonymous said...

So many good ideas already taken!

Shops that would be interested in a trunk show?

Shops that want special signage?

Shops that have sold the most LL yarn in the past year?

Shops that have stopped carrying your yarn (why would anybody do THAT?!)?

Shops that have recently been sold and you want to contact the new owner?

Shops that you've done events with in the past, and want to do again?

Shops that have never even HEARD of LL?

OK those are all my ideas. Do you have to actually guess what it is to win, or just trigger your memory?

kaykatrn said...

It sure looks like shops that were at a "function". Maybe they were asking about a new fiber--linen, or something --another not animal yarn. I amwith you, it is so frustrating when you think you are being organized, and it is a fail!

Anonymous said...

Beth - did they all bring you Jenni's ice cream?


monica said...

I don't have a clue but I love the new colors in the last post. I hope you figure out what you were to do with that list.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's guessed the best guesses so I'll just go wild turkey:

Shops to teach/speak in/at?

Anonymous said...

They are all lettuce entertain you yarn shops?

shiningwaters said...

They are each supposed to bring dessert to the next potluck?

James~ClosetCreature said...

Could they all be shops that have a special visitor planned?

Did they all want to have you visit the shop?

Were they speakers at an event, or possible sponsors of an event?

OK that's a few that I thought of!

James--Birdy of Birdy's Knits husband

Just a Girl In the World said...

All shops that for some crazy reason aren't happy with your yarns???

Or, maybe shops that don't carry LL yarns and you want to find out why.