Thursday, March 4, 2010

For Kylie

Look what Stef brought in!

This is another one of Rebecca Danger's designs, Penelope The Empathetic Monster. Kylie's birthday is this weekend and since Stef won't be here tomorrow, she brought her in today. I just can't get enough of these guys.

Kylie is kind of partial to John Deere colors. Part of it might be her Australian roots. The other part is simply that the colors please her.

I wonder why certain colors please us and others don't. When we were kids, one of the fundamental questions we all had to answer was "what's your favorite color?" Did kids with the big box of 64 crayolas have an advantage over ones who only got the 16 or 8 box? Do we develop a more sophisticated color palette over time? Do vision changes associated with aging determine how we dress or decorate our homes? Goodness, I'm full of questions today and I don't have an answer for one of them.

1 comment:

JelliDonut said...

I could use one of these right about now. Looks very huggable.