Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Problem Solved

Last night I was happily knitting away on one of my secret color TNNA projects when I came upon an error in my copy of the pattern and had to stop. It was getting close to the time when I needed to put the needles away for the evening anyway, but I don't like finishing my day on that kind of a note.

So, as soon as I got to work this morning, I headed straight to the the computer to figure out what was what. Just about the time I got the file open, the phone rang. It was a woman from Dallas who'd gotten stumped by this pattern last night too.

I was able to find the errata and get us both straightened away. We had a nice chuckle about what a coincidence it was that we both ran into the same issue right about the same time yesterday evening. Small world.

1 comment:

Turtle said...

nice when it can get figured out without too much of a headache though! :)