Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the winner is....

I have to send out a big, giant THANK YOU to everyone who joined us in our little game. In case you don't remember, we blogged about a new yarn and a contest a couple of weeks ago.

We got hundreds of suggestions for the name of our new yarn. I have to tell you, we had so much fun going through them all. We sat around and talked about them over lunch. We discussed pros and cons. There were some pretty "lively" conversations.

One of the big factors we took into consideration was whether there was another yarn on the market with the same or similar name. That took quite a few great suggestions out of the running but we figured we didn't need to create confusion.

We ultimately narrowed things down to three and then did a survey through our newsletter.

Even though it wasn't one of the top three that made the cut for voting, we have to give an Honorable Mention to Menopause. We decided we couldn't use it but we're still giggling.

The second runner up was Goldilocks. There were several variations on that theme, but we liked this one best.

There was a whole category of what we ended up calling science-y suggestions. We narrowed it down to Astroknit. It ended up being our first runner up.

The winner of the contest got over 60% of your votes. I'd call that a landslide! The name, Solemate, came from Jill K. Jill, if you can email us at yarnATlornaslacesDOTnet, we'll can set you up with your prize!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Congrats Jill!

Sally M said...

Congratulations Jill! I still really like Goldilocks :)

Diane said...

Congratulations Jill!!! LOVE THE NAME SOLEMATE (and I did vote for it!!) Will love it even more when I have my first purchase here and on my needles :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I was driving my hubby home from a colonoscopy, his first post surgery for removal of a mass. Got good news with this. Then when my phone notified me of an email and he read the title, I had him read it aloud to me. I am one who couldn't see nor vote on the finalists as I signed up for the newsletter too late. Well, you can imagine my pleasure and surprise! The answer is yes! You can do a happy dance while driving your car!
Thanks for allowing me to participate in this fun contest along with so many others who put their creative thinking caps to amazing use.

Dee said...

Congrats Jill! I liked your name best even though I did submit Goldilocks. Enjoy the yarn and the glory!

Meli said...

Congratulations Jill! I wish you happy knitting and look forward to purchasing some of this yummy yarn for myself. I'll have a glass of wine in your honor tonight. :)