Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grand Street Ink and Rock Island

It's here, it's here! I'd like to introduce Grand Street Ink, the latest in our Color Commentary Series. It's a really rich, wine-y brown-y purple-y beauty.

grand street ink

This time around we partnered with the charming and talented Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. In addition to working with us on the color, he was nice enough to design a stunner of a shawl, Rock Island. When I saw the picture, it literally took my breath away.

I'll let him tell you about it personally.

It seems like Spring has been battling its way onto the scene in fits and starts for weeks. Despite a few bizarre instances of April snow recently, the warmer air seems to finally be sticking. It’s a perfect time to think about some serious lace knitting, and today’s pattern fits the bill nicely.

brooklyn tweed

The Rock Island Shawl is a piece that I designed for a special collaborative project. Last year, the nice folks at Lorna’s Laces invited me to be a part of their ongoing Color Commentary Series, in which designers are given free reign to develop a new colorway for LL yarns.

At the time, I had a very specific deep black-violet on the brain and wanted to pursue that. The original color inspiration came from some wonderful graffiti that I saw on Grand Street in Brooklyn that used heavy swaths of rich indigo and black. We worked back-and-forth for weeks and finally ended up with the finished colorway (shown above), which I’m thrilled with. I’ve named the color Grand Street Ink, after its original inspiration, and it is now available in their wide range of yarns.

rock island shawl

I chose to design for the color with Helen’s Lace, a fine laceweight 50/50 wool-silk blend. The silk took the dye beautifully and the finished fabric of the shawl is almost veil-like.

lorna's laces

The piece contrasts simple garter stitch with intricate Shetland lace motifs which are worked on both RS and WS rows, also over Garter Stitch. As a result, the shawl is completely reversible – both sides look the same. The triangle is worked backwards from standard construction, beginning first with the knitted edging. After the lace edging is worked, stitches are picked up from a yarn-over-selvedge along the straight edge and the main portion of the triangle is worked directly from those stitches. This means the most labor-intensive elements of the shawl are completed first, and pattern rows get smaller as you go, which is always a nice psychological bonus.

I think the design would look wonderful in fingering weight yarn as well… I may have started one already.

The Rock Island pattern is available through Brooklyn Tweed or Ravelry. Brooklyn Tweed’s “Grand Street Ink” colorway is available at your LYS.


Sarah said...

They are both beautiful. I will add them to the top of my list.

Stefanie said...

Love the colorway! Jared Flood's shawls kick tail! OMGosh, lace knitting on both sides? That's a bit intimidating.

Kristi Paul said...

what an elegant pattern, the deep hue looks richer that just a black, love it

Sarah said...

I so love both the new color and the new design. I need to get in gear and get the current shawl finished so that I can start Rock Island.

Unknown said...

OMG I have to make it.

ItalianDishKnits said...

What a unique color and a gorgeous pattern. Can't wait to get my hands on both!

Anonymous said...

Lace knitting is not really my favorite, but this is so beyond any lace piece I have seen, it is screaming to me, please knit me! Just amazing. Beth and Jarod - Bravo!!

cynthia-knitting central said...

Lace knitting is not really my favorite, but this is so beyond any lace piece I have seen, it is screaming to me, please knit me! Just amazing. Beth and Jarod - Bravo!!

Unknown said...

You knit such beautiful patterns and I really enjoy them! I love your blog and have put you on my list of blogs that should get the Versatile Blogger Award :)

My post about the award is at this link

Unknown said...

The color is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

This is a breakthrough shawl design. How fantastic is it that Jarrod chose YOUR yarn with which to create this incredible design? It's a testament to the beauty and special-ness of Helen's Lace. You should be honored! And what a color! Where and when can I get my hands on this yarn?!?!