Thursday, October 20, 2011

Before and After

I decided to go through a bunch of old magazine and books last weekend and ran across the Rowan book that I picked my very first project from.

It's called Fisherman Sweater and was designed by Kim Hargreaves. It's from the Fox Tweed book and would have come out somewhere around 1990.

The before photo is styled just the tiniest bit better isn't it?

Anybody else have before and after pix of their first project? Bonus points for any that use Lorna's Laces!


krayolakris said...

You have the cool sunglasses...way to rock the sweater!

Bre said...

this was technically my 3rd project ever, and I don't have the pattern anymore (it was a leaflet I bought in Ireland), but I submit it for your perusal:

Bre said...

P.S. I made that sweater in 1987.

Needleforhire said...

I have a picture of my first sweater somewhere. I should bring it in one day. Let's just say it was the early 90's, I didn't use a pattern, and I didn't believe in swatching. Oh! And it was out of bulky Lopi. An wider than it was long, back when I wasn't.