Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Different Side

While a fair amount of how I define myself these days comes from yarn and knitting, there's a piece of my life that's always revolved around books and reading. I have fond memories of going to the bookmobile over summer vacation and checking out as many books as they'd let me, devouring them and waiting anxiously for its next visit. I can still lose the day as readily in a bookstore as a yarn store.

I'm a little quirky about my reading. I always read the last page of a book first. Even if it's only one word. I don't know why. I do know it isn't because I want to find out what happens early. And as crazy as it might sound, it rarely ruins the ending for me. I do it pretty regularly with magazines too. So often the last page is something self contained and fun.

I also read the acknowledgment page and sometimes the notes. I've even been known to take a peek at the copyright page to see when the work was published or what printing it's in.

I like the way books smell. I used to work in college textbook publishing and my job was to try and talk professors into using my company's book for their classes. Some of them had incredible libraries and I got to see some remarkable volumes over the years. It raised a few eyebrows when I'd sniff at the books when I opened them. I guess I still do that with wool.

As far as I'm concerned the jury is still out about e-readers. I have an iPad and have read a few books that way but I'm pretty ambivalent about it. All things being equal, my vote would probably still come down on the side of the printed volume.

I can categorically say that I prefer a printed magazine to a virtual one. I like their size and turning the pages. I still cut things out and put them in folders, even in the era of Pinterest. I'm pretty new to the Pinterest and am loving it, but I still like a magazine.

I start and finish every day reading. I can't fall asleep without reading at least a few pages and I like easing my way into the day in the same fashion.

Well, that wasn't the post I set out to write today. I was going to do a book review and got sidetracked along the way. I'll tell you more about it next time.


Jersey Shore Deb said...

I think a lot of knitters and readers overlap! I agree with everything you said (except the part about reading the last page of a book first!); I, too can't go to sleep without reading at least a little bit.
Glad to find out that you are so in synch with me!

Anonymous said...

I have many thoughts on E-books, not any of them good. Besides the fact that when your in the middle of a pettern, it says to refer to page 38. When you get to page 38 it has nothing to do with what you are working on, so you have to go through every page trying to find the right part. If you have an issue with the battery, or something else you loose it all. It is just better to buy a BOOK, the touch, smell, and keeping forever is better.

Robin said...

While e-readers have a place it isn't in my hands as a regular option. I find it hard to read them for any length of time- I love to fondle books. Each is an individual while they all look the same on the reader. I lived across the street from the library starting at age 9 and it was heaven.

sandi said...

I, too, always read the acknowledgements first, along with any "about the author" or "author's notes".
I have not yet succumbed to the lure of the e-reader. I like books as physical objects - the weight of them, the smell of them, the feel of the paper. Having my books around me is how I know I'm home.

cobaltandindigo (Molly) said...

There's nothing like coming across a book you haven't read in a while, and falling back into the story as you thumb through the pages. I don't think an e-reader will ever be able to compete with the tactile pleasure of book reading. Just like the amazing computer generated graphics out there will never really compare with the depth and brilliance of oil paintings, for example. They're just completely different media expressing the same words or sentiment.

Looking forward to the book review!

eboston said...

I, too, must read each night before I switch off the light. I've always thought a day without reading is like a day without sunshine.

I have a e-reader, but I still prefer real books instead of electronic. Photos in non-color display e-books aren't very good. However, for traveling, a e-book is very convenient. Also, if you don't have a lot of room to store books, e-readers are good.

I got one knitting magazine in electronic format, but still prefer real magazines.

Julia said...

Oh Beth, I am so in agreement about books, ebooks and such. I have not had a night without reading in years! So, what is your favorite book store in Chicago. I take you for an Independent book shop woman. Am I right?
My current book is Night Circus.

Anonymous said...

I love the St Peter Port Stripes socks! Where can I buy the Folk socks black yarn?