Friday, May 25, 2012

Twiggy Dress

Did it take your breath away? I literally said "Oh, my" out loud when I opened this picture last week.

This lovely is Kathy Merrick's design and will be on the COVER of Interweave Crochet's Summer 2012 issue. It went live today. You'll be able to buy a paper copy on June 12. Did I mention it's on the COVER?!

I decided to ask Kathy about her thoughts on this design. Here's what she came back with:

There are so many intriguing colors--I especially love the Ysolda Red and Growth (green). I love anything to do with stripes and splitting them up the middle gave me a chance to include even more combinations. I also wanted the top to fit well in the neck and arms so it would be worn alone without having to buy strange underwear. Last thing...I really enjoyed working with Solemate. It has a smooth, dry hand and the perfect amount of twist. 

Before I'd talked with her, I made a list of why I thought I liked the dress so well. We were both all about color and stripes but I had a few more ideas:

   1) The colors! Kathy has a great eye, doesn't she?
   2) The stripes! I love stripes. If you walk into the studio on any given day, the odds of me being in a striped shirt is about 75-25. I probably wear them too much... but I'm not going to change my ways.
   3) The broken stripes! Because the stripes are broken, it tricks the eye and you don't have to worry about the old conventional wisdom of stripes making you look wide. These are slimming!
   4) The 60's vibe! 'Nuff said.
   5) Crochet! It's so hot right now. Have you been hooked yet?


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the glowing review!
This was a very enjoyable project to make and I can't say enough about how lovely the yarn to work with!

Mary Beth said...

I love it...but I look at this twiggy dress and I think, "How can I recreate this on the serger?" Disclaimer: I do knit and I do crochet, but sewing/serger is like a microwave for making garments. I might hunt for a striped jersey this week. I'd cut the yardage down the middle then stitch them back together with what's called flatlock st, a glitzy stitch in which a perle rayon thread is the star of the show. Not sure what color I'd use for the perle rayon, it all depends on the fabric. 'Nuff said. Back to crochet.