Friday, August 10, 2012


The new issue of Twist Collective hit the airwaves today. I'm more than a little tickled to see Praline from  Gudrun Johnston of Shetland Trader fame. We've never worked with Gudrun before and it's high time.

Praline uses the Simultaneous Set-In-Sleeve method to work the sleeves and body in one piece. So, almost no sewing. There are even cute little pockets. 

I have to admit that I usually skip the pockets when I'm knitting a sweater. I know I'm never going to use them and I always worry that they'll end up gaping. I think I learned that as a kid...don't open up pockets or it will ruin the line of your jacket/slacks/whatever. It sounds like something my mom would have told me. The thing is, I like the design element they add. I suppose I should just go ahead and put them in and leave them closed. 

 The Little Bird stitch pattern is really up my alley too. I like the sort of cable-sort of float stitch look. I've always liked working a great texture stitch.

This sweater is knit with our newest yarn, Sportmate, in 8ns Harvest. It's a totally warm, autumnal color.

Here's the gratuitous kitty shot. He's even color coordinate. What's not to like? 

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Genevieve said...

My mother taught me to carefully fold a tissue flat and put it in each pocket because you should always have tissues with you. It basically never gaps the pocket AND you have emergency tissues!