Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Great Week Up North

So, I have a kinda cool job. I may have mentioned that before. Mostly, I make pretty string here in Chicago. Sometimes I get to make pretty string in far-off exotic places. Like Canada. 

I recently returned from a week in Ontario. 

I began my adventure with two days in Toronto. Jacqueline from Soak picked me up at the downtown airport and whisked my away for a drink at the newly opened  Soho House. Soho House is a club for creative types. So instead of seeing people in suits and ties, you find people like me, with dye on their shoes.

See the red chair at the center of the picture in the back corner of the room? I sat right there and had a Negroni. I'm still sort of surprised they didn't kick me out. After all, I had dye on my shoes.

I spent the next day at The Workroom. It's a sew & craft by the hour shop. They do lots of classes too. I taught two sessions of my dye class. 

All of the students were great but I was a little starstruck by Austen and Tina from Canadian Living. I felt like Martha Stewart was in the room and I'm afraid I hemmed and hawed a little more than usual. I think they were OK with it, after all, they talked about the class in their blog.  

The next morning Julie from the Needle Emporium in Ancaster picked me up and we headed north to Orillia and Knitting Camp. Knitting Camp is a long weekend of great food, great people and yarn. This all takes place at a resort with little cabins on a lake. So instead of getting in an elevator to go to class, you scamper across the lawn. And the view from your classroom might look like this.

The first evening, there was a game night. Fiona Ellis pulled out all the stops. 

Josh Bennett and I were a little more subdued. 

Full disclosure: Fiona's team won. Josh's was second. My team proudly took bronze. Maybe I should have worn the feather tiara. 

The next morning, we got down to business and dyed yarn. My students were great. They were all SO excited to be there and ready to learn. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that my class was everyone's favorite. Then again, I  have an advantage. My classes are all about having fun and  playing in the dye. Josh and Fiona make people think. And do math. (Sorry Fi and Josh.)

These look like pretty happy campers don't you think? 

These too!

 Not bad for a day's work.

All in all, a marvy week. There were so many laughs and I made great new friends. Canada was a wonderful host. Thank you. 


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!

Tina said...

We had so much fun at your class at The Workroom. Thanks for coming up north. We hope to see you again soon!

Austen said...

I'll second Tina – we had a great time! (And thought you were a great teacher, too.) Maybe we'll get to take a road trip to Lorna's Laces HQ one day!