Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KnitScene Spring 2013

KnitScene Spring is live!

OK... I'm having just the tiniest bit of trouble thinking about Spring right now. It's January 8th for goodness sake. Show of hands, who still has their Christmas tree up? Yeah, I didn't think I'd be alone.

But, there's no shame in dreaming of green shoots and sunny skies, is there? This is Jessica Bolof's Lightning Shrug. I'm digging that wide ribbing at the bottom. I don't have a photo of the front but I'm intrigued enough by what I'm seeing here in terms of the angles of the knitting to want to take a closer look.

This is knit from our Honor yarn in 611 Magnificent Mile. It takes 2-3 skeins. That's a nice size project.

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amchart said...

I had a friend tell me that the Christmas season can be considered to last until the presentation of Jesus in the temple which is celebrated on February 2. It's perfectly fine to still have your tree up, as do I!