Monday, April 1, 2013

Happily Ever Aftur

Alright-y then. It is officially OK with me if the weather warms up. My Aftur is finished and I got to wear it today. I just wanted to be able to take it out for one day in the world before I have to store it for the season. 

I've had it almost finished for several days. All I needed to do was graft the underarms and weave in a few ends. Yesterday was the day. I got up extra early and took care of that. Here's the obligatory pre-blocking shot. 

 Then it got a nice dunk in the Soak Wash.

And I laid it out to dry overnight.

Oops,  I don't have a picture of the blocking. I did have a minute or two of panic when I wondered whether it was going to stretch out and become something unrecognizable. I sat down next to it and we had a nice talk about keeping its shape and it promised me it would behave beautifully. And you know what, it did.

I had a super time making it. It's been a really long time since I've made a sweater. I've been happily knitting socks and shawls and kid's stuff and accessories for the past couple of years. I forgot how much I like knitting garments. Sure, they take a little more time but it was so worth it when I pulled it over my head this morning and looked at it in the mirror for the first time.

There isn't a whole lot of contrast in the colors, but I'm okay with that for my first  lopapeysa. Next time around I'll do more than dip my toe into the color pool though. The main color here is Dusk. Also, Natural, Cookie's Deep Dark Secret, Grand Street Ink and Chocolate. 

For some reason I feel the need to show the back of my work. Look how nice and neat it is! I suppose I'm looking for someone to pat me on the head and tell me that this shows something besides the fact that I have a obsessive compulsive nature.

Next up is a lopapeysa cardigan of some sort. I haven't figured out which one. I'm leaning towards taking a Craftsy class in steeking and altering Ridarri but I'm open to suggestions. 


Marilyn said...

Consider yourself patted on the head! The sweater (and model) are beautiful!!

Pam Huang said...

Nice work! I like the sky blue.

LaurenS said...

Beautiful job! Looks gorgeous on you too!

sandi said...

You did a wonderful job, not only on the knitting, but picking a design that looks great on you and making it in a flattering size. So pretty!