Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm alive!!

Today is the first time I've been outside since Thursday. Yep, you read right. I didn't leave the house for four full days. You can imagine my surprise when I emerged into the world and found out it was 60 degrees. Outside. In January. In Chicago.

I'm pretty sure the planet will be spinning off it's axis any day now.

I haven't felt well in a long time, two or three weeks. I thought it was just a chest cold, but I couldn't shake it. I finally broke down last week and went to the doctor. He told me I have bronchitis. Then he gave me antibiotics and a cough syrup that contains oxycodone. I'm not sure if the antibiotics have done anything for me, but the cough syrup is crazy business.

The first day I was taking it, I didn't have a teaspoon handy, so I just guessed. I am a generous person by nature, so I took a liberal swig of the stuff. Let's just say that was a mistake. I headed right home and went directly to bed. Once I woke up, I found a teaspoon and have used it religiously since.

Now, I would appreciate if the demons who took away those four days would be kind enough to provide me with just a few extra hours. We're leaving for TNNA first thing on Wednesday and there are oodles that need to happen before I go. I am becoming dreadfully afraid that I may have to let one or two of them slide. Would someone please come and have a talk with the Type A part of my personality and tell it to stop being so persistent? It's becoming annoying.

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