Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well we're back from TNNA. As usual, we had a wonderful time! And there is so much to tell. I may have to break things down into more than one post.

The best part of going is catching up with old friends. Shop owners, designers, reps, publishers, they are all there. Somehow even after five years, I often feel like somehow they forgot that I am supposed to be sitting at the kid's table. I get a little starstruck. OK, alot starstruck.

The show opened on Friday this year. On the night before, there is always a big cocktail party and fashion show. Annie Modesitt and I sat on a bench in the corner and caught up. I should have probably spent more time mingling, but sometimes after a long day meeting folks in the booth, it's nice to spend some quality time with an old friend.

I also had the privilege of sharing a meal with Clara Parkes of Knitter's Review fame. Oh my, what fun! She's as thoughtful and wonderful in person as she is in her reviews. With a wicked sense of humor. Ahem.

I saw so many people and I'm sure to forget most of them, so I'm going to stop with the name dropping now. I don't want anyone to feel slighted.

Speaking of five years, this show marked the fifth anniversary of the announcement that I was buying Lorna's Laces from it's founder, Lorna Miser. Lorna is the pretty one on the right.

I will actually celebrate the anniversary next month, on the day we closed escrow and opened the doors here in Chicago. It's kind of like celebrating a wedding anniversary vs. the day you met. Either way, it's pretty heady stuff when I think about how Lorna's Laces has changed my life. And all for the better.

There were three big things we announced at the show: New colors, new yarns and a new relationship.

First things first. We have six new colors. One is a nearly-solid and the others are multi-colors.


Apple Hill





Aren't they nice? Emily's blog is another great place to check out pictures. And she's infinitely wittier than I and the pix are better too.

I'm off to a meeting. I'll have more tomorrow.

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