Friday, May 16, 2008

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Sam has been busy making octopi. (I looked that one up. There are two acceptable plurals for octopus, octopuses and octopi. I picked octopi.) They are from an etsy vendor hansigurumi.

The patterns are for knitting rather than crochet like so much of the amigurumi. This is good for us. We're a little crochet challenged around here. I think many of us have good intentions about crochet and then default back to knitting because it's what we know. Like anything else, it's easier to fall back to the known and comfortable.

Anyways, this is Sylvia, he is made from our Shepherd Worsted in Huron with a very sexy Bittersweet underbelly.

And this Orlando. She is made from Brick and Bittersweet.

They are very much in love. They say it is because they are soulmates. I believe it is because they share that Bittersweet underbelly.


Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I luv them!

Anonymous said...

very the color on sylvia.that's my name too. don't have an orlando thought, just a Joe. :)

The Bullknitter said...

they are very adorable. Myself, I prefer gender specific names, to avoid any confusion.