Friday, June 13, 2008

New Purple Line Colors

So, where were we? Oh yeah, we'd just finished dinner on Friday night. On Saturday morning I met with Leslie and Diana from Mountain Colors. We discussed next steps on the Duet Series. Things are coming together nicely there. We have a vest that Ginger Luters designed up next. I'll have good photos soon.

The show floor opened on Saturday morning and we were steadily busy all day. I'm always a little anxious before a show. I worry about how the new colors will be received. Which ones will be hits? Will there be a dog in the bunch? It's always a topic for discussion around here when we're deciding on which will make the cut. We're usually right on the money, but we've been surprised a time or two.

This season we brought out four new multi colors for the Purple Line. In addition, we had a little contest to find new sock designs. Here are the new colors along with the winning socks.

First Place went to h.e. wintermute's Florentine Lace Sock shown here in Woodlawn.

Second Place went to Jeanne Giles's Herringbone Lace sock shown in Maple Grove and Harvest. It turns out that Jeanne works at Jimmy Beans Wool. We didn't find out about that until we were in Columbus.

We ended up with a tie for Third Place. This is Janine La Cras's Fisherman's Fancy Sock. It's knitted in our South Shore colorway.

Last but not least, Sara Morris's Architect Sock in Ashburn.

Aren't the designs fantastic?

I was delighted that folks seemed happy with all of the new Purple Line colors. Ashburn, Maple Grove and South Shore were all universally liked. Woodlawn was a little funny. One person would be unsure of it and the next would tell me she sells those colors like crazy. I'm not sure whether it was a regional thing or what. I know I'm biased, but I think they're all pretty great.

Saturday night was the Interweave Press party. I got to rub elbows with Franklin Habit, Annie Modesitt, Eunny Jang, Marilyn Murphy, Kim Werker, Carol Sulcoski, CookieA. I better stop now. I know I've forgotten many people and I'm going to get in trouble.

Off to dinner with Laurie from Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale. It's always so nice to catch up with shop owners one to one. Especially after being starstruck at the cocktail party.

Sunday was a quick breakfast with Angelika. This was another opportunity for a one on one chat. It was so nice of her to meet me that early. She lives on the West coast, so it was extra-special early for her.

Unicorn books was right across from us at the show. They had lots of famous people signing books. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Amy Singer and Jillian Moreno to name just two.

On Sunday evening Amanda went off to play at the Potter Craft party while I attended to business at the Yarn Group meeting. (She'll have to tell you all about that.) After YG meeting, there was a tribute to Pat Chew. She founded Classic Elite Yarn and passed away earlier this year. I didn't know her well, but she a ground breaker in our industry and will be missed.

Afterwards, we had dinner with a few friends from Classic Elite and Vogue Knitting. We had such a nice time and I am grateful to them for always being good to me ever since I was brand-spanking new in this business.

Monday was a whirlwind. Up early for a meeting with a vendor, then we worked the show all day, broke down the booth in record time and back in Chicago by 10:00. Whew!

I still have a surprise or two to tell you about next week. Enjoy WWKIP!!

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Ina said...

I find Woodlawn exceptionally beautiful and can't wait to get some!