Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Quarter Donation

Our second quarter breast cancer donation was a little different this time around. I got more personal with it than I have in the past.

A colleague has a daughter that was diagnosed just over a year ago. She's been through treatment and is doing very well, thank goodness! When I asked my friend which charity her daughter would most like to see the donation go to she told me about the Green Mountain Ride.

This organization supports the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth. They were more than delighted with her treatment there on both a medical and emotional level.

While NCCC deals with all kinds of cancer, I thought it was a worthwhile place for our money to go. And just so people didn't feel like I'd misrepresented anything, I went ahead and bumped up the donation from our regular 20% of sales of Flamingo Stripe to closer to 25%.


Betsy said...

Beth - you are the best. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beth,
As the rider whose "behind" will be sore, I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and generosity. The care my daughter received at Norris Cotton was fantastic. I will forever be thankful to everyone there, researchers, doctors, nurses and all the staff. They were compassionate, loving, and amazingly capable. No one deserves breast cancer, but anyone who has it deserves the care my daughter received. If others would like to donate, please go to
Regards, Rich P.