Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In Which I Gripe about Post Offices

A couple of weeks ago, we mailed some Green Line Worsted in Echo to Ysolda Teague in Scotland. She was going to design a sweater for Twist Collective, the new online knitting magazine that Kate Gilbert is launching is just a few weeks.

Imagine my surprise when I opened an email this morning from Kate telling me the yarn had not arrived and that the tracking report said they had tried to make a delivery in Ireland. Yikes!

Two hours and a gazillion phone calls and emails later, the USPS says that Royal Mail has had the package since June 28th and that they have somehow lost or misdirected it. Not surprisingly, Royal Mail says they never received the package and that the USPS still has it.

So, now we have a trace on it. The helpful folks at USPS say it could take as long as 24 working days to figure out what is going on. That's right, 24 working days. That's August 11 to you and me kids.

How many people work with that much wiggle room? Puhleez. So, now we're developing a Plan B. If I knew what Plan B was, it sure would make things easier.

Isn't interesting that only time-sensitive items get lost in shipping? It's always a birthday present or wedding gift. It's never the book you sent your brother on a whim because you thought he'd like it. Or the mittnes you finished in July and went ahead and popped in the mail so you wouldn't have to worry about losing them before winter.

The weirdest part about the whole thing is that I had to stop myself for feeling guilty about it. And worried that Kate would be mad at me. Like somehow it was my fault that the post office didn't deliver the mail in a timely fashion. If only I had that much power.......

Perhaps I should find some consolation in the fact that that the Royal Post office appears to be just as messed up as USPS.


Anonymous said...

Royal Mail is quite often a Royal Mess. The past couple of years they've held postal strikes. And last summer so much mail was damaged/destroyed in flooding. Having gone through that in the past, I have a whole new appreciation for the USPS!
Now if only your knew someone flying to London! Maybe you could hang out at O'Hare!?! ("Psssst. Ma'am, would you carry this parcel to London for me?)

Soxophone Player said...

In the circumstances, your internal revenue tax department surely wouldn't quibble about you expensing a round trip to Scotland.

Becky said...

We live outside Memphis, TN. This FedEx territory. I'd say try them for your next shipments:))

I've stopped in a few times and enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I knit a baby sweater for my cousin's baby and it never arrived ... had to knit another.