Thursday, July 24, 2008


Stef is finishing up her Pomatomus socks. It's a Cookie A pattern that was featured in Knitty awhile back.

The description tells us that the "finished socks are reminiscent of blue-green fish scales, hence the name Pomatomus, the genus of the blue fish....Blue fish are somewhat vicious with sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and a cannibalistic tendency.

That decription gives me the delightful segue into this photo.

(I'd seen this article earlier in the week and have been trying to figure out how on earth I could tie it into anything that would make any sense on these pages. I know it's a stretch, but hey, I do what I can.)

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Anonymous said...

I read the article too! Weird.
I can't believe you were able to segue to that topic. Rough, but still- you did it!