Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and such

We've got a little bit of the Halloween spirit going on today. This is Evelyn. Her mom, Rosie, comes in to help out around here on Fridays. Ev is looking pretty darn cute in that bunny costume!

It's just about the perfect day for dressing up. It's sunny and almost 70 degrees here. I'm so glad that it's a nice day for all the kids. I remember far more cold, rainy Halloweens than nice ones when I was growing up. There is something fundamentally wrong with wearing a heavy winter coat over a ballerina costume. And you know Superman never needed a jacket.

Halloween isn't just about the little kids though. There's a Critical Mass ride tonight and a bunch of the crew here is heading down to Daley Plaza in costume to participate.
Emily is wearing a camel costume that she made a couple of years back.

Kylie and Stef are part of a group that are all being characters from Pac Man.

Even Pearl got into the spirit of things.

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