Friday, October 3, 2008

Our cup runneth over

I hate to be a bragger, but living in Chicago is gonna be more fun than a barrel of llamas this weekend. There are almost too many things to do for all of us fiberistas. Sigh. I'll do my best to muddle through.

The first one is kind of a private party. This afternoon, Cookie A is coming by to fiddle around in the dye pots with me to create the Cookie A installment of Color Commentary. Her sensibility when it comes to designing socks is so fantastic, I can't wait to see how her mind works when it comes to color. This is going to be a real treat!

But we're not keeping her all to ourselves. She's teaching a class on sock design this Sunday at Arcadia Knitting.

Then tonight, the Mason-Dixon girls descend upon our fair city. Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne will be signing their new book at Loopy Yarns new digs. Vicky just moved to 47 West Polk Street in Dearborn Station. There will be door prizes and such at the Grand Re-Opening so stop by and check it out. Rumor has it that there might be a Franklin there as well.

Saturday is Yarn Con at Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. I am overwhelmed by the list of vendors that will be there. I get all twisted up when faced with all the choices. You'd think that being surrounded by all sorts of gorgeousness at work all day would make me immune, but it's just the opposite. I fall for it all.

Yarn or food? Hmmmmmm......

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Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but ... Amy's Vintage Office in silk/bamboo is GORGEOUS! I just picked it up today from my LYS and I can't wait to go home and cast on. Beautiful! Thank you for creating this yarn!