Thursday, November 6, 2008


The other day I looked over and there were a bunch of sheets of colored paper laid across the table. I meandered over to take a closer look and found that the crew had started a Finish-A-Long-A-Thon.

It seems the startitis has gotten pretty severe so it was decided that if we wrote it all down, created a deadline and had cute stickers to mark our progress, it would motivate us to get the knitting done.

Some of us are more ambitious than others.

Sam is something of an overachiever.

So is Stef.

On the surface, Emily appears to have a modest list. But if you dig a little deeper it turns out there are two more projects she's planning to cast on tonight. I want to see if they're on the list in the morning. I might start wondering what other secrets she's hiding from us...

Caitlin's list looks pretty manageable.
She was out sick yesterday so she should have been able to get some serious work done.

Amanda has certainly chosen attainable goals.

But I think she's sandbagging. She only has two things on her list and she's already finished with one of her socks! I'm not letting her have a sticker until both of those socks are finished.

One thing we learned for sure from this sock is that you can knit a men's size 14 with a single skein of our Shepherd Sock with plenty to spare.

Kylie's list looks good. She always thinks things through so I'm pretty confident that she'll get hers done.

As for mine, time will tell. I hate putting this kind of pressure on myself. I know, I know, it's only three things. But with the way my life has been lately I'm just not sure. I have to admit I've hedged things a bit. I'm making the February Lady for TNNA in mid January, so I technically have a few extra days. Still, I'm going to shoot for the New Year's deadline.

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Anonymous said...

i added to more things after you took these pictures! :-)