Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Back in the middle of September I was in a little car accident. Fortunately, the only one hurt was the car.

I thought it was patently obvious it wasn't my fault. I was in the right lane at a stop light waiting to make a right turn when the truck in the left lane decided to make a right turn too. Right over my hood. There was damage to the the driver's side door and left front quarter panel too.

After a quick visit to the police department to make a report, we called our insurance company and arranged for the repairs. The auto body shop did a great job and our car looks as good as new. Or as close to new as any four year old vehicle can.

Our insurance company (Geico) has been absolutely fantastic at every turn. After we paid our deductible, they took care of the balance and have been diligently following up. I have received several phone calls to let me know where they are in the process. I really like being in loop. Since we have a high deductible to keep our rates low, I'm anxious to have it reimbursed.

Besides being attentive, every person I've talked to has been gracious and knowledgeable. There hasn't been a single time that I've heard "that's not really my department, please hold twenty minutes while I transfer you to a automated system that will take an additional twenty minutes before you can talk to a human being."

Today, they called to let me know that they have received the police report, reviewed the claim and determined that it wasn't my fault. So, the good news is my rates won't go up. Whew!

The not-so-good news is that the other driver's insurance company hasn't been as cooperative. They have tried to say that it's a "he said-she said" situation. But that was based strictly on interviews. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once they review the police report they will come to the same conclusion as Geico. I'm trying to keep an open mind.

In knitting news, there has been a ton of great stuff hitting in the last week or so. The new Twist Collective is beyond gorgeous. Hats off to Kate Gilbert and the gang over there for once again producing a superlative product!

We also just received our copy of Nicky Epstein's Knitting on Top of the World. Where does she come up with all the ideas? The creativity just boggles my mind!

The folks around here have been diligently working on their Finish-A-Long-A-Thon projects. I'll do a round up later in the week, but I do have a couple of things to Kylie has finished I wanted to show today. These are Evangeline knitted up in our Green Line Worsted in Dusk.

And here are some really heavy convertible mitts of her own design. They're made from some Burly Spun that we dyed Red Rover. It's partner is Envy.
Since Kylie rides her bike to work every day, it's important that she has extra warm stuff. These should fit the bill!


Angela said...

It's so frustrating. I was rear-ended on Lake Shore Drive (clearly not my fault) by a guy whose salary I pay because he is a city employee and his insurance company never came through. I called and called (both him personally and my insurance company) to no avail. My insurance company was fairly responsive to me, but because the damage was not too extensive, I'm sure they limited the number of person-hours they dedicated to collection. Argh. As with your accident, fortunately, only the car suffered any injury.

monica said...

So happy that you were not injured on the accident. Hopefully the other insurance company will agree with the police report and not drag this out for too long.