Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Shawls

The small shawl is very popular around here lately. I know that everyone is making them, but it really hit home for me the other day at lunch. Four of the six of us at the table were working on some variation of one.

I have an Ishbel on the needles. This pretty color was an experiment for the Shaded Solid category in the Dye for Glory contest. We didn't enter it, so that means this little shawl will absolutely be one of a kind. I'm a little farther along than this now but I'll wait to show more pics until it's finished and blocked.

Emily is working on Milkweed by Laura Chau. This is the second one for her. Speaking of one of a kind, it's in her own handspun. Because the yarn has a bit of a thick and thin thing going on, she's opting not to do the 'pods' in the pattern.

Stefanie is also doing Milkweed. Hers is knit from that yarn that has silver in it. We didn't dye it here, she got it on Etsy. It's fun stuff!

Last up today is Amanda's work. She's doing Stefanie Japel's Reclamation Scarf from our Shepherd Sock. This is the Courage colorway.

I wonder what is so appealing about these little shawls right now. Is it because the are quick to knit? Is it because they can be worn right away in our air conditioned world? Is it because it gives us something to do with sock yarn that isn't socks? Is it because they are great to use up odd skeins in our stash? They make great gifts? They will always fit?

I guess I'm answering my own question here. There seems to be a mother lode of reasons to knit one or three of these things. I already have the yarn for another wound into balls and ready to cast on!


Aidan said...

I think shawls have limited usefulness, but the small shawls can be slung around the neck with almost any outfit for any occasion.

At least that's what I am telling my "I won't wear a lace shawl -- do I look like an extra on Little House on the Prairie?" wife when she questions my decision to knit an Ishbel for her.

Ann said...

Those shawls are all so cute.
I've been a little shawl obsessed lately, so this gives me more patterns to track down on Ravelry!

kaykatrn said...

I did Flamenco and Aphrodite as soon as they came out. It is kind of spoiling in that they go so quick. The different shapes are fun.