Monday, September 14, 2009


I keep running into great things to do with sock yarn besides making socks. Don't get me wrong, I love me some socks, but it's nice to have other choices.

The first thing that comes to mind are all the small shawls I've talked about over the past few weeks like Milkweed and Ishbel. They've been very popular, both here at Lorna's Laces and out in the world as well. Sock Summit was lousy with them.

Then there is the pattern, Tempest, that I've mentioned a couple of times lately and cast on for over the weekend. This is Emily's Tempest.

It's knit in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in 107 Red Rover and 16ns Charcoal. I'd been admiring the pattern for a long time and just never got around to it. Seeing Emily's is what really inspired me to get it on the needles. It's proving to be a very quick knit. (I know, I know. Famous last words.) I chose very dark colors without a great deal of contrast. I think I'll really like it once it's finished but the spot I often knit in doesn't have great light so it's been a little tricky keeping the colors straight.

Another great sweater that's made from sock yarn came across my desk last week from Connie Change Chinchio called the Mountain View Cardigan.

This one is shown in our Shepherd Sock Echo colorway. They are more views on Connie's site.

Isn't the detail work in the back stunning? Oh. My. I've always had a soft spot for great back detail. Seems like there's one gown at the Oscars that does it every year. Simple and elegant in front and then you get the back shot and kaboom!

These are just a few things that have hit my radar lately. So, what are you seeing? If you have pictures, send them along to yarnATlornaslacesDOTnet. We'd love to see them!


Allyson said...

Y'all are crazy! As beautiful as those sweaters are, I would lose my brain knitting a sweater with sock yarn. I just found a pattern for a lacy shawl I like using sock yarn that I like, but I'm still weary. Socks might be all I can muster with sock yarn!

Trillian42 said...

I have a friend who did Tempest in a pale apple green and lavender combo. It's like the complete opposite of Emily's (I read her blog too), and yet those two are about equally responsible for my NEEEED to knit one of my own.

And that Mountain View Cardi? OMG. Another one goes in the queue...

Rebecca said...

I'm surprised to see your black and red sock yarns looking so dark! I was planning a sock project in that striping combination (I'm a closet goth), but I though they would turn out more nearly-solid, like in this picture:

Can I ask my LYS get a batch like that, with the black so clear and dark?

Lorna's Laces said...

Emily may have tweaked the Charcoal a bit. She used to like to do things like that. :-) I don't remember about this specific project.

Hildy said...

Hmmm - I read Emily's blog too -- and this one wasn't done in Lorna's, but in Wollmeise.

I haven't worked in that yarn yet, and her project made me want to try it.

Lorna's Laces said...

Yikes! I could be mistaken, but I thought she used our Shepherd Sock in Red Rover for the red stripe. My memory could certainly be wrong though. Or I might have confused it with a different project.