Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Gilda's Club

I've been a little remiss in sending off our third quarter Flamingo Stripe donation. I am normally fastidious about getting it on its way on the last day of the quarter but it got away from me this time around.

The donation Lorna's Laces makes for third quarter is my favorite since it is always the biggest. That's because we ship the most Flamingo Stripe of the year in September to make sure it's in shops for you in plenty of time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This time around, Gilda's Club was the charity we chose. I know it's not technically a breast cancer charity, but it is a place that helps all of us who have someone in our lives that is facing cancer. They were a godsend to my friend whose husband died last week. I figured y'all would think that was OK.

I know we all get bombarded with charity stuff. Requests for donations, invitations to benefits, opportunities to buy products that are pink or red or this or that. It's enough to make a girl pull her hair out. I want to thank everyone who has purchased Flamingo Stripe over the years.

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Ina said...

I'm happy to support Gilda's Club through purchases of Flamingo Stripe. Thank you for selecting them and for the great photo. I guess I worry less about frazzled people pulling their hair out and more about those whose hair is falling out. Keep up the good work! (((hugs)))