Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interweave Holiday Gifts

Interweave's Holiday Gifts issue came in yesterday's mail. Somehow I feel like I must have been the last to get a copy.

That's been happening quite a bit lately. My Vogue Holiday didn't come for more than a week after everyone was talking about it. I'm going to assume it has something to do with the post office rather than thinking that there is a conspiracy to keep knitting publications from me.

Check out these delightful ornaments that Ann Weaver designed.

The are based on old German glass ornaments that were originally produced in a small town, Lauscha, in the mid 19th century. While you can still get glass ornaments, it seems kind of fun to create your own. You could start a family tradition with these.

I'm partial to the pinecone, but the pickle comes with lots of stories. The one I always heard was that it is supposed to be the last ornament put on the tree on Christmas Eve. And it's supposed to be hidden. The first person that finds it in the morning gets a bonus gift and gets to hide it the next year.

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