Monday, December 7, 2009


It occurred to me the other day that it would be fun to tell you about all the different yarns we dye here at Lorna's Laces. Believe it or not, we do seventeen(!) different ones. Okay, 15 yarns and two wooltop, but who's counting?

My first idea was that I'd do one post every day between now and Christmas, but that's just setting myself up to fail. And as soon as I miss a day, it will all just spiral out of control and there's no telling what might happen next. A more realistic goal it that I'll try and get to them all in a somewhat orderly fashion over the next few weeks.

Then I started to think about what a good organizational scheme would be. Should I go by weight? Fiber content? Price point? I decided that simple was the way to go and settled on alphabetical order. Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about Angel.

This is Angel. It's a 70% Angora, 30% wool blend. It comes in these cute little 50 yard skeins. One will make a pair of booties for a newborn.

Angora can be a very delicate fiber. That's one of the reasons that we add a little wool to the mix. It makes it a stronger yarn. Another reason is that angora is very warm. Adding the wool makes it more versatile.

This darling little hat pattern is knit from a single skein too. If you want to add the flower, you'll need a second.

But, Angel isn't just for baby things. It makes beautiful trim on hats and gloves. In it's undyed form it's a very bright white. This time of year that brings to mind Christmas stockings and Santa's beards.

And while it might be too warm to make a stockinette garment, it's a good choice for lace.

This is the lovely Stefanie Japel modeling the Lacy Dolman from her book Glam Knits. Just think about wrapping yourself in that cloud of softness!

We even have a special put-up of Angel for larger projects. We call them Archangels. They are giant 8 oz, 800 yarn skeins and can be special ordered in any of our colorways from your LYS. They would be perfect for a project like this.

Or what about a Clapotis? Here in Chicago, the weather isn't going to be getting any warmer for a long, long time. Snuggling into an Angel Clapotis could make a girl look forward to winter.

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Emily said...

You forgot to mention my hot water bottle cozy!