Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Colors

It's been a bit of a roller coaster around here since last we chatted. First there was TNNA and all the fun that entails. I met so many nice people and reconnected with tons of great friends. Guess how many photos I have to show for it? You guessed it. Nada, zero, zilch, zippo.

Well, that's not exactly true, I do have some pictures of what our shipping crate looked like when it arrived. The one that the shipping company taped back together after they tossed it around so badly that the it fell apart. But I'm guessing you'd rather see pictures of yarn and pretty, so I'll save you the sordid.

We brought out five new colors and one new yarn, Honor. I've been talking about Honor quite a bit here, so I'll get right to the colors.

First up is Robot Overlord. It's a nice autumnal color. It seemed to be the most popular of the new ones at the show. But just by a little bit. It may or may not be my favorite, I'm not saying.

Here's a beautiful cardigan, Yoshimi, that Jenn Jarvis of nipperknits created for us. It's knit in Honor. She's got a bunch of great shots over on her blog. I'm just in love with this sweater. And those buttons! In case you were wondering, buttons are magic.

This is Turtle Rodeo. The name came about one afternoon while we were talking about the antics of Amanda's turtle, Taco. It's another warm, rich colorway but this one is a little retro.

And here is our Wave Lace throw in Turtle Rodeo. This is a quick knit using Shepherd Bulky. I like me a feather and fan.

The last couple of seasons have been full of very tonal colors so we thought it was time for something bright and whimsical. So, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Unicorn Parade.

Amanda decided that Unicorn Parade was so much fun that she made a GIANT Iris. She held two strands of Shepherd Bulky together for this one. Now we need to find a deserving toddler. Or maybe not. Maybe this one should be our mascot.

The next two colors are nearly solids. Fjord came about while we were working on a secret project for a custom color. We liked this one so much we decided to keep it.

Amy Swenson of indigirl fame came up with this cute vest, Cloud Chaser. It's knit from Honor in Fjord. It's soft and feminine without being too girly and it has a clever cabling. Seems like a winner all around.

Last but not least, is Patina. Patina evolved from Robot Overlord. It's rich goldish/brownish/greenish just felt good. Probably because so many people have little flecks of this color in their eyes. It's rarely a bad idea to take a cue from mother nature.

Here's a quick snap of a little scarf/shawl in Patina made from Honor. It's got a pretty little scalloped edge and will be a breeze to knit. The design won't be released until fall. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I love them all!

Unknown said...

Turtle Rodeo is AWESOME!

Stefanie said...

Cool! You come up w/some awesome names.

havlu-dantel said...

Hello. Your site is very interesting:) very nice.

Anonymous said...

When will these wonderful Honor colors (especially Fjord) be available?