Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Crew

Today seemed like a good day to introduce you to the crew.

On the far left is Beth G. Beth is our newbie. She just started a couple of weeks ago and is a ton of fun. She came to us from a big coffee house. I think she likes it better here.

Next is Caitlin. While we all knit, she is exceptional. It's not just her skill set either, she has a great eye for color and shape and pattern. We take advantage of her fine art training all the time. She's been taking a few classes this summer to gear up to go back to school to be a teacher.

Merrilee is peeking out from behind Caitlin. She's our newlywed. She's kind of quiet, but don't let it fool you. There's a wicked wry sense of humor hiding in there.

The brunette in the hip glasses is Anna. She's been with us for a few months and used to work for a chocolate company. Yarn or chocolate? That would have been a tough call. I'm glad she picked yarn. It does make me wonder if she'll hit the trifecta and end up at a winery or brewery at some point.

Next up is Amanda. She's been with us ever since Lorna's Laces moved from California to Chicago. The poor thing has put up with me for all those years. She's got a bunch of things going on in her world these days. Moving for one. Planning a wedding for another.

I'm on the far right. I'm the luckiest person in the world. I get to work with all these folks. And work in yarn. It doesn't get much better than that.


JelliDonut said...

Nice to "meet" everybody. LOVE that pig!

Lorna's Laces said...

I probably should have introduced the pig too. He's been with us for seven years!

Anonymous said...

There's something about seeing a flying pig in your work area that makes me say "Yes, this is a company that I can trust and that I want to do business with."

I love it! :)

shane said...

Nice meeting you all. You are all photogenic. Keep up the good work guys.