Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Signature Needles Wants to Play Too!

I just got a call from the nice folks over at Signature Needle Arts. They want a piece of the Super Bowl action too!

They are generously upping the kitty in our little Packer/Steeler contest and have offered to give away one pair of straight needles to each of our lucky winners. In keeping with the theme, they have gold needles (sized 1 and 6) and green needles (3 and 8). Or you can pick another color if you'd like.

Click on the contest link and let us know who you are rooting for.


Kristina Knits said...

I guess I am rooting for the steelers cuz I hate the packers... but don't really like the steelers either.

Stefanie said...

Neither but I just wanted to comment and post those are some pretty t-ight needles,, ones I don't use. Too bad circulars can't be jazzed up like them single ones.

Liz said...

Steelers all the way. I have bled black and gold all of my life!!

Knit-Chat said...

So who won all that beautiful yarn?