Friday, March 18, 2011

The Loopy Ewe Shuffle

We were lucky enough to provide The Loopy Ewe with yarn for their Club Loopy this year!

There were a couple of things that are special about it. First, it's a one-of-a-kind color called The Loopy Ewe Shuffle. Beautiful teals and blues with a pop of rich red. It started out with inspiration from Sheri. She and Amanda had a long talk about what she was looking for. Then Amanda took Sheri's words and translated them into color. I think she done good, don't you?

Honor, Loopy Ewe

Club Loopy gives you two patterns with each shipment which I think is a great idea. This one has a shawl from Wendy Johnson and a cowl /mitt set from Debbie O'Neill. We wanted to make sure you'd have enough yarn for either project, so we had our Honor put up in special 350 yarn hanks instead of the usual 275 yards.

Wendy Johnson, Club Loopy, Debbie O'Neill

The last bit of the package is this great tote. It's from a company called Baggu and it's got a quote on it taken from the walls of the shop.

Loopy Ewe Shuffle, Lorna's Laces

I'll leave you today with one last bit of yarn p0rn.

Honor,Lorna's Laces

Oh...and you can get it here.


Deb said...

How do I love thee, Honor? Let me count the ways...

Glorie said...

That color is amazing--yarn porn indeed!

nonstopknit said...

I have this kit, and the colorway is truly unusual and eye-popping. And, as always, the LL yarn is absolutely decadent! A wonderful symphony of yarn, colorway, and pattern.