Friday, September 9, 2011

Book Report: The Best of Interweave Crochet

Recently, I've been getting copies of a new "Best of" series from Interweave. The first one I'd like to tell you about is the crochet book, edited by Marcy Smith.

I recognize patterns going all the way back to when Crochet was a special interest publication and not a regular part of the Interweave lineup. I see things from Judy Swartz's days at the helm. Kim Werker's too.

The patterns run the gamut from pretty traditional granny square blankets to sophisticated takes on Icelandic classics. There are a powerhouse of names here too, Lily Chin, Kathy Merrick, Kristin Ohmdahl and Robyn Chachula to name just a few.

Interspersed between the 23 designs are sections called Beyond the Basics. These are deeper discussions of techniques that will raise your level of expertise. A couple of examples of essays from these sections are The Adjustable Ring and Symbolcraft.

There are two projects in this book that feature Lorna's Laces. The first is a really versatile scarf designed by Kathy Merrick called Boteh.

It's made with a single skein of our Shepherd Sock in 15ns Chino. Our new Solemate would work beautifully too!

The other project in this collection is Valentina Devine's Boho Block Cardigan.

This granny square sweater seems timeless to me. A little hippy-dippy, a little boho and somehow fresh all at the same time. It's made from our Helen's Lace held double. It's shown in three colors (from top to bottom) 102 Motherlode, 6ns Douglas Fir and 708 Camouflage. Holding a multi color yarn together mixes up the color resulting in a rich marled effect.

I thought it would be fun to see what colors the crew here would put together for themselves.

I'll go first: I'm an orange girl and am feeling autumnal, so I'm going to go with 118 Woodlawn, Chagrin and 509 Satsuma.

I was a little surprised by Merrilee's choice. Her wardrobe tends towards vibrant, fun colors but today she went for a very neutral palette. 15ns Chino, Echo and 36ns Chocolate.

Bette Boo went bright and fun. 509 Satsuma, 1ns Pink Blossom and 630 Bittersweet.

No surprise that Amanda's pick included greens. And I know from very reliable sources that Ashburn is one of her all-time favorite Lorna's Laces colors. 711 Grant Park, Grand Street Ink and 608 Ashburn.

Last up is Mento. He went with more of a spring feel. Pretty and bright. This sweater is also available in a children's version and this would work nicely there.

This is a compilation volume and the patterns were published over the years in the magazine so you might already own them all. In that case, I'm not sure I'd spend the money. But for the mere mortals among us who aren't that organized I would recommend this book. I like having things all in one place. And I like books. And these are the favorites. I think Marcy picked very well.

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