Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cutaway Coat

A new Interweave publication is hitting news stands on October 4. It's called knit.wear and the idea is simple knits for the thoughtful knitter. Visually simple, not necessarily beginner knitting. This sounds like it's right up my ally.

The cardigan shown here is The Cutaway Coat. It was designed by my friend Sandi Rosner and photographed by Joe Hancock. (I often forget to credit the photographer and that's not right.) It's knit using two of Lorna's Laces' mohair yarns, Grace and Glory. It's shown here in the colorway Dusk.

I dropped Sandi a line and asked her about the coat. This is what she told me:

For me, this piece was all about the fabric. I knew the mohair would deliver warmth without weight. What surprised me was the play of light across the surface. The loops of Grace reflect the light in a shimmery way, and the halo of Glory diffuses the reflection. It's like looking at pearls through a veil of chiffon.

My original swatch used Grace in Robot Overlord and Glory in Poppy, which added the element of color excitement. Working the two yarns in the same colorway, as Interweave chose to do, produced a more subtle yet equally beautiful result.

Oh, and it's incredibly soft and snuggly, too!

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Stefanie said...

Oh wow, that's beautiful and the patience to knit w/two strands of mohair! I bow down.