Friday, November 16, 2012


The new Twist Collective hit the airwaves this week. One of my favorite designers, Sandi Rosner, did a killer design in our Honor called Porto.

The construction is clever. Her idea was to use the cables as a decrease element. She had a few missteps along the way to creating the design and talks about it in her blog. It's so interesting to hear people talk about their creative process, warts and all. I like that she didn't take the easy way out but figured out a solution that was relatively time efficient and got the job done properly. Yay Sandi!

She's also got a great article in this issue that debunks some of the grand knitting myths. She covers the dreaded knot, winding ball and casting on loosely among other things. It's worth taking a click on over there.
My big take away from the article is this: "maybe your life has plenty of challenge, and simple knitting si your stress-free respite--then don't let anyone insist you try something new. It's your knitting. If it makes you happy, you're doing it right".

Brava Sandi! I know I'm doing it right!

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Unknown said...

What a great looking sweater. I wouldn't knit it though because it looks like you have to sew the sleeves on and I stay clear of sewing my knit garments if at all possible. But beautiful non the less.