Thursday, November 29, 2012


That Mercedes. She's done it again. She created another grab-and-go cardigan that's destined to be a wardrobe staple. This one is Sazerac, cleverly named after the classic New Orleans cocktail.

It's a little oversized, which will make it super cozy. It's got a little of that boyfriend thing going on if you know what I mean. I love it with the skinny jeans and boots shown here. It would also be great with leggings and a pair of flats.

The stitch pattern is a brioche variation along with garter stitch. I've always thought brioche is under utilized. It gives such nice texture, lots of bang for the buck.

Mercedes is always great with her details. The knit-in pockets here are a nice touch. I sometimes get lazy when it comes to adding pockets. I shouldn't though. I love pockets. Maybe a little too much. (Once I was meeting a friend I hadn't seen for awhile for a cocktail. She was with someone I didn't know. Kay told her friend to keep an eye out for a tall women who has her hands in her pockets. That'd be me.) Do you ever skip them?

It's knit in one piece to the armholes and then split for the front and back. There's also a nice deep shawl collar for snuggling into.

It's knit in our newest yarn Sportmate. Sportmate is Solemate's heavier sibling. It has the built in climate control of Outlast. This is shown in one of our new colorways, Spats.

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