Friday, March 15, 2013

New Colors, New Yarn

March 15, 2013
We're on a newsletter roll these days! This time it's about the new yarns and new colors. We're pretty excited about it all.

First up, the new yarn. It's called Haymarket. It's a single ply 100% Bluefaced Leicester. Super yummy, super soft. It has a gentle sheen and halo. It's a worsted weight yarn, 210 yards to 100 grams. We named it Haymarket because we thought that it was interesting that there are Haymarkets in both Leicester and Chicago. Ours hosted a labor riot in 1886 and theirs is a shopping center.

While we were researching our 127 year old labor incident, we got to thinking about Chicago history and thought it would be fun to name the colors this season after significant mayors. Without further ado:

113 Byrne. Named after Jane Byrne, our first femal mayor. Chicago is the largest city in the US to have a female mayor. Kate Oates has a super new design in this colorway called Morning Coffee. There's even a KAL going on.
213 Daley. While we've had other mayors, the Daley family kind of had a lock on it for a long time. Between the "Richards", father and son held the office for 42 years.
313 Harrison. Carter Harrison was the mayor during the aforementioned Haymarket incident.

413 Mason. Roswell Mason held office during the Great Chicago Fire.
513 Medill. Joseph Medill was the owner of the Chicago Tribune in the 1870s. He was also the great great father-in-law of our first female Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. Check out Lindsey Stephens darling crocheted Divette pattern. Swoon!
613 Ogden. William Ogden was the first mayor of Chicago.
61ns Washington. Harold Washington was our first African American mayor. Amy Christoffers Love and Happiness uses Haymarket in Washington.

713 Christmas at Downton. Not a mayor at all, but a wildly popular color that we did as an exclusive for one of our customers that we decided to make available to everyone.
And if you're in the market for a MKAL, there's one going on over here that you might find fun.

Let us know what you think! We hope you love what we've done this season as much as we do!

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