Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Julia Farwell-Clay just posted a new pattern, Mindy, to Ravelry. It's knit from our new yarn, Haymarket.

Here's what she has to say about it:

I love graphic cables and snuggly collars. For the Mindy cardigan, I combined my two favorite sweater elements for a cozy sweater to wear for the first fresh air stroll in early spring. The slightly a-line cardigan with wide cable panels that act like ribbing and pull in a little. This makes Mindy a very forgiving sweater as far as fit goes. The sample shown is worn with several inches of positive ease.
The Flying Buttress Cable reminds me of the yoke pattern from the Mork pullover I knit a few years ago. Knitters familiar with that sweater will be reminded of the graphic cable that made it distinctive, and understand this as a companion sweater in more than just the name.
For anyone not clear about what I mean by a “companion sweater”, the dynamic duo Mork and Mindy were darlings of 70’s television.
The sweater is knit using traditional construction, worked as pieces and seamed although knitters are free to knit the front and back seamlessly. The set-in sleeves are worked in the round to the underarm bind-off. The collar is knit using short rows to incorporate front placket stitches, and finished with an i-cord edging. Collar can be worn up for a Mandarin effect or folded over as shown in above.

I got to wear Mindy at TNNA in January. I can't tell you how many times I was stopped by people asking about it. Julia is spot-on about the way the cables make the fit forgiving. Lots of the people who stopped me tried it on and it was amazing how well it worked for so many of them. 

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