Monday, October 14, 2013


If you know me at all, you know that I am woefully uniformed when it comes to pop culture. I'm so bad that I haven't watched a single episode of Breaking Bad. Or Downton Abbey. I hear they are both all the rage.

I wish I could say I spend my time reading lofty novels or volunteering at the local animal shelter, but that's just not true. I spend too much of my TV time watching other people cook and decorate their homes. Every once in awhile I get fancy and rent a romantic comedy from Netflix. Oh yeah, we live large. 

The other day I saw a copy of Interweave's Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits.  It's styled in a very retro fashion, but there are a ton of patterns that are really current if you wear them with today's sensibility. Just think about this dress over a pair of leggings or skinny jeans with boots. (This isn't our yarn, but you could easily substitute Shepherd Sock or Solemate.)

This little short sleeved top would be all that and a bag of chips if you slipped it on over a tank and added tights and a chunky heel.

This men's sweater is our yarn. It's combo of Shepherd Worsted and Pearl. It's called the Footman's Vest. You can't take the model home, but I think it'd be swell on a casual office day.

Amanda's husband Derek almost always wears a bow tie to work on Fridays. He'd look dreamy in this. 

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