Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yarn is Magic

From time to time, we get a note from a customer that makes all of us stop dead in our tracks. This was one of them. Please pass the tissues.

Dear Lorna's Laces, 

My friend finds herself in the same scary situation we did a few  years ago… Her son is coming 8 weeks early with complications and they're just not ready yet. I knew how much she wanted to knit her son a Wool Leaves, so I hightailed it to my LYS, Fibre Space, and bought 3 hanks of Shepherd Worsted in Fjord. One 16-hour car ride this past weekend later and a lot of knitting time and I have a blocked blanket, ready for today's emergency c-section.

Knitting with that yarn was a joy. I don't know how I forgot how soft and wonderful it is. I thought of you guys doing your thing at Lorna's Laces, my friend's scary situation, flashbacks from our month at the NICU and hoping we'd all make it out of there alive and put so much of myself emotionally into this blanket. The yarn choice was PERFECT (she wanted a "soft, washable, gray blue") and I can't wait until they can bring him home wrapped up in it.

Please give every awesome person at Lorna's Laces a hug from me. It was the perfect yarn for the perfect project. A very emotional knit.

Hope you are all well!


Susannah Fisher said...

Beautifully said...

Donna@AllthingsMing said...

It's all so true ... How cathartic the yarn and this wonderful craft is !