Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Last weekend, my husband displayed his artwork at Around the Coyote, a local show for emerging artists. That meant he manned a booth next to his work Friday from 6-10, Saturday 11-10 and Sunday 11-6. It also meant that I got to be single-girl-about-town. While I missed seeing his mug, I managed to muddle through OK.

Friday night, I had dinner with my friend Brad from Fiesta Yarns. (Look at me being all confident and strong putting up another yarn company's link. Well, maybe a little queasy, but hey, life is full of risks.) He and his wife Jeannie have been very nice to me over the past few years.

On Saturday, I got up and ran in the Pumpkin in the Park 5K with Tony, Dave and Edward. I run most every morning with Tony and/or Edward. I managed a respectable (for me) 30:30. I think it was my first sub 10 minute mile run ever. And girl ain't getting any younger.

The main event this weekend was Yarn Con. It was a spectacular gathering of indie dyers and spinners, LYS's, authors. We saw Shannon Okey, the aforementioned Franklin,

Sharon from Arcadia Knitting held several workshops. I just loved the little mitten shaped lanyard for your data stick. Loopy Yarn's booth was chock full of fabulous finds.

My absolute favorite thing at the show was the fact that there was a mobile ATM on site. Can you say "ultimate enabler"? I intentionally left home with a limited amount of cash to avoid spending great sums of money. I was even doing a pretty good job at it until I came across Susan Strawn and her new book Knitting America Wow! I just had to have a copy. I trotted right outside to that fancy truck, inserted my card and voila! I found myself the proud owner of my very own copy.

I've only been able to spend short bits of time with it, mostly looking at pictures and skimming a little here and a little there. I think it's one of my favorite knitting books to come along in quite awhile. I'm always a sucker for history and that's really what it's all about. I'll spend some real time with it and tell you more later.

The past couple of days have been dedicated to getting ready for my trip out east. Three days in Philly and three more in New York. Can't wait! I'm going sans laptop, so this will likely be the last you hear from me until I get back.


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Anonymous said...

Beth, I hope you had a great trip East. I don't know how you and Craig made it financially worth your time to come to LOOP, having restricted the class to only 8, but it was a marvelous treat for all of us who were lucky enough to sign up quickly. I just wanted to send a quick, thank you. It was a pleasure to spend the morning with you and I am off to sign the praises of you and your company for all the little knitters I'm leading down the path of addiction. While you were generous enough to share how you do what you do, I gained and enormous appreciation of the skill and experience which enables you to get such clear colors. Thanks, Daryl