Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh no the big 9-0!

My mom just celebrated her 90th birthday. I didn't make the trip back east for the party because she gets confused pretty easily these days and too many people around can trigger that confusion. Besides, it's nicer for her to have the visits spread out than to have all six of us kids blow our travel budget on one weekend trip.

Mom's the one on the left. My neice Elisabeth is in the middle and the back of the head you see belongs to my much older brother Dan.

It was a really nice day. There were ninety roses and ninety balloons. Lunch out at her favorite local restaurant. Several friends stopped by to wish her well.

Here's hoping that I jumped into the right end of the gene pool and am as healthy as she is when I turn 90.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping we all are that fabulous and stylish at 90 and still able to "do lunch" and visit with friends. Good ancestors do help, lets all head for the deep end of the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you beautiful Mother! God bless her! I hope she can enjoy the rest of her life as she certainly deserves it! Again God bless her!