Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TNNA Part Deux

Yesterday, I promised you information about new yarn and a relationship. Today, the yarn.

As a small artisan company, Lorna's Laces has always been concerned with how what we do affects the world around us and we've always worked hard to be environmentally responsible. We recycle what we can and use as many local sources as possible, not only here at work, but in our lives as well.

So, when a vendor came to me with a proposal for an organic yarn, I was all ears. It took some time, but we are delighted to announce the Green Line. These yarns (a DK and a Worsted) are spun from 100% organic merino wool, hand-painted with all natural dyes and are as soft and luxurious as all of our other products, which we now loving refer to as the Purple Line.

Here are some of the details. The wool is raised and certified as organic on a ranch in Argentina. As it turns out, South America is becoming a leader in producing organic fiber. After that, it moves to the only organically certified (IMO certification) mill in Europe for combing and carding. Then it goes on to the spinning mill where it's conventionally processed. So, it's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction and we thought it was important to start taking those steps as soon as we could.

Once it gets to Lorna's Laces, we are using all natural dyes which is a new process for us. Things like cochineal and madder. *** After five years of doing the same thing, it's fun to work with something different! We have 9 colors right now and will continue to bring new ones to you over time.

From left to right, the colors are Hope, Silence, Solitude, Courage, Mirth, Dusk, Growth, Echo and Chagrin.

The Green Line DK is packaged in a skein that's appoximately 2 ounces/145 yards. It knits up at 5 sts/inch on US6's. The Worsted is approximatley 4 ounces/210 yards and knits up at 4 sts/inch on 8's.

So, there you have it. The launch of the Green Line. Rest assured that as we expand out horizons, all the products you've come to know and love from Lorna's Laces aren't going anywhere, they just have a new sibling.

***We've had to change our dye processes for the Green Line. Please see my post of March 3, 2008.


Anonymous said...

The Green Line is an absolutely wonderful idea, and the colors are gorgeous! I especially like the four on the right. Any plans to expand the Green Line to sock yarn? Or is organic base yarn for that difficult to find?

Anonymous said...

I love the names you've choosen. Solitude and Courage are on my want list! Will the label tell us what was used to dye the yarn (or could the info be posted on your website?) I would really find that interesting.

Lorna's Laces said...

Welcome back from the honeymoon! Hope it was marvy....

Sock yarn comes with a couple of considerations. Our Shepherd Sock has a little nylon in it to make it a little more sturdy. But nylon isn't organic. How important is it to making a good sock yarn?

Next, superwash. Basically, same question. How important is it?


Lorna's Laces said...

For Shawnee. I'll do a post with the dye info a little later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Beth!

Heidirific said...

Any Irish/European suppliers lined up for the new line?

LegalBecca said...

As one of the moderators and creator of the Greenies 2008 group on ravelry, that is a group of people committed to only buying environmentally friendly and/or socially conscious yarns for 2008 (and for some, beyond) I am so happy to see this. One of the group members posted on the group about this and I am very happy to see it. Now, if you guys offered sock weight yarn in this, it would be heaven, but any step is so important. I can't wait to try the yarn.

Lorna's Laces said...

Dear Boston Becca,

Is sock weight the only thing that matters? Does it matter that the yarn wouldn't have nylon? Or be superwash??

I'd love to hear input from you and the group.